Friday, 27 November 2015

A little update...

Still job hunting, but now having more time to do this during my unemployment is fantastic!  I'm seeing one of those career transition reps, and it's been a real help, as things have changed tremendously during the 12+ years it's been since I last did up a resume.  Holy crow, that's a long time!  Trust me folks, you may want to consider updating any resume you may have - not as a just-in-case, but simply so you can remember to write down every skill (soft and technical) you pick up / learn over time.  If anything, it'll serve as a great reminder of just how awesome you really are, and prove to you that you know more than you think.  A great confidence booster during tough times.

Over a month has gone by since I became redundant.  I've been focusing most on getting the extra flotsam and jetsam of paperwork and articles I'd kept over time thinking it might be useful.  Did I mention that I'd become a bit of a hoarder over the past 10 years or so?  Not TV-worthy, but enough that I've run out of room in my room for my stuff.  SO, I've been shredding, donating, and recycling like crazy over the past few weeks, ad still have more to go.  Sooner or later I'll have to get the proposed shop going on Etsy - why not make a buck or two while clearing out?  Goodness knows I've shopped on Etsy enough to have learned a few things *lol*

Anywho, must get back at this whole resume / company research / job hunting well as playing around on Etsy and Pinterest.  ;)


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Of redundancies and other things...

Sorry to have disappeared for a bit there - my job became redundant so I've been a bit preoccupied of late ;)  No worries, I'm ok, everything is fine - good package - so things will settle down soon enough. This happened October 20th...and while it was not a surprise as we all knew that 2 of the 4 folks were going to be let go, I admit I was a bit surprised that I was one of them.

Meh, shit happens, and life goes on.  I have a career transition rep helping me help myself find another job, so life is good. :)  Do you know that it's been over 12 years since I've had to write up a resume??  I'll be sure to keep things a little more up-to-date here as they happen...

Take care and be well everyone!