Monday, 29 June 2015

Why so long between posts?

Actually, I don't really have an answer for that one. I really need to focus more on updating this blog at least once a week, even if I think I have not much to say - hell, I'm creative, I'd like to think I could drum up something from the old brain cells! *lol*

We had company from B.C. this past week - my Dad's friend from work, well, actually he's a family friend we've known since almost forever. Always great seeing him, but always sad when he leaves. We do keep in touch via phone and e-mail, but even I have to admit it's just not the I right?

Dad's R.A. still flares up occasionally, especially during the strange and wet weather we've been having lately. He does have Osteoarthritis in his hands so it should come as no surprise, but I know it really bothers him physically and mentally. He still has that awful cough, partly due to quitting smoking after almost a lifetime of it, as well as the R.A. meds, but it had tamed down quite a bit in the past week - the curative effects of having an old friend around, perhaps? His stomach was doing better over the past couple of weeks or so (bad indigestion), but that flared up again yesterday. Mum and I figure it might be the different kind of eggs he had for breakfast, but we're really not sure. Of course, today (Monday) is Methotrexate day and he's really feeling it today - hopefully it doesn't spill over into tomorrow as it can do more often than not...

Mum is good, just needs to stop trying to hurt her knee more - she's clipped the ACL ligament more than once and is in a lot of pain at times. She's seriously considering going back for more physiotherapy which always helps.

Me? Same old, same old. Looking actively for another job at the same company as word finally came down from above - as of November 1st, my little group will be "streamlined" from 4 to 2. So long and thanks for all the fish! *lol* This came as no real surprise, I must admit, as I figured it was a matter of time ever since our physical move was announced over a year ago...but it still stings in any case. oh well, I'm hoping that with all the help that senior staff is offering to help us get a new job (yeah, right), this will help me finally move on to bigger and better things. At least, that's what I'm hoping, because after 10 years with this company (as of this coming September, and I am NOT throwing this little bit of seniority away!) I'd like to think all my work counts for something - even if it's a handshake goodbye ;) Wow, 10 years. 44 years of age. I never thought I'd have been here so long, or had such a difficult time getting out of the position I currently hold. That's the problem with being a good worker - they like you and the work you do so they hang onto you for as long as possible. Not that one should not aim for being a good worker - in a slightly higher starting position than mine (I'm pretty much at the bottom of the pond), it really does take you places! And I'm not being's true. So be a good worker, learn everythign you can about your job, the company, and other jobs within that company to see where you'd like to go next. Take advantage of any and every training facility or opportunity they offer, it's well worth it.

Anywho, healthwise doing OK, iron still appears to be acceptable so no "top-ups" yet. Growing out the purple to give my hair a break, then I'll try something new. The bangs / fringe are working out well, especially once I had them trimmed so they weren't constantly in my eyes making me feel like Cousin It (thank you for the correction, Diamondback!). Still spending too much money - especially now that I'm in the vortex of "What do you mean 2 of us will become redundant??" - but having fun doing it (unfortunately). Still thinking of opening my Etsy shop to sell off some stuff - after all, why not make a couple of bucks rather than donate it (note: Canadians do not get tax breaks for donations of goods unlike most U.S. states. Something we should seriously consider, frankly speaking)?

Well, must get back to work to get un-buried from last week's offloading of nearly everything from everyone's desk. REALLY looking forward to my little bit of vacation time, but it can't come soon know what I mean? :)