Friday, 8 May 2015


Red Dwarf is coming back!! Two more seasons of Rimmer and the gang!! Can you tell I'm a bit of a fan? Red Dwarf Was the series that kept me alive during a bad time in my life, and really made me fall in love with Britcoms in general. Can't wait!

Say, any UK readers out there? I'm trying to find an online friend of mine by the name of James Scargill - used to be on (I'm mugsy_358) and would like to "find" him to see how's he's doing. We didn't keep in touch much over the years I admit, but the last mssages from him last October makes me want to look him up and see how he's doing. I've seen he has a twitter account, a youtube channel, and a linked-in profile, but nothing is very active... Thanks to anyone for at least looking at this. :)

*sigh* Still SSDD so far. Still applying for other jobs within the company, still buying hats and such from etsy (really have to stop that, I need to save money, not spend! *lol*), and looking forward to Mother's Day. Mum has stated she's taking the day off and doing whatever she feels like. Good for her! :) Anyone else have plans for that day?

Anywho, just super thrilled to be able to see Red Dwarf once again and wanted to share with y'all! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!