Monday, 20 April 2015

*cough, cough* A little dusty around here...

Ahem. Anywho... *lol*

It's so windy out there today! "How windy is it?" you ask? Windy enough that poor Toto from the Wizard of OZ just bounced off of one of our office windows. And we're up on the 11th floor!

Well, it wasn't Toto, but something certainly smacked into one of the windows up here - bird? Umbrella? A very confused (and now banged up) Superman? We'll never know for window damage to speak of, but I'm pretty sure that the occupant of that cubicle might need a fresh pair of skivvies! *LOL*

Yep, still alive. Been busy with the departmental move, but thank goodness that's all over with now. I'm back to carrying the workload of one person (YAY!!), with an extra department added on (but I've been the one doing their work all along anyways so it's no change in my workload). Still, it's like a vacation of sorts, for sure. But there's always work there for those that look for it, right? Currently going through my letter grouping of files and "splitting" them (read: shredding old information and getting slowly prepared for storage already by culling the new paperwork into a new, thinner, folder) Might as well, as this is work that got abandoned during my co-worker's MAT leave so there's plenty to do. Do NOT get me started on my co-worker ;)...Although, my new attitude of "What they choose to do with their day is up to them, as long as it doesn't directly impact my workload" is really serving me well. Look, Ma, I finally grew up and got over myself!! It's such a load off of my shoulders - now all I have to do is watch for the knives in my back...

And yes I have been sewing - to a degree. I've been trying to mend and generally repair a lovely 1940's dress taht a friend of mine was sogenerous in giving me - she thought it wasn't in terrific selling shape, and as her shop has a certain reputation of carrying good quality items Icertainly can't blame her. It's been coming along nicely (where's the pics you ask? On my camera at home while I'm here at the office updating my blog instead oif working hard), but I really need more practice at darning (what can I say, there were a few scattered moth holes - tiny - but I wanted to try and fix them)! I found the perfect colour thread (plum, BTW), but didn't really notice the grey weft in the plum-coloured warp (or did I just get that back-ass-wards?). In any case, the holes are so small you don't really notice my (yucky) darning jobs, but I'm such a perfectionist I hate the fact that they show as much as they do. The shoulder pad osrting out will have to wait until I can post pics of the before and after. And praying I figured them out correctly, as they were quite twisted about and scrunched up. No, I did not remove them as it would destroy the lines of the dress (and the terrific period look).

I also appear to have a vintage hat fetish, sadly. Why so sad? They're costing me money, that's why! *lol* But they're so fantastic (to me, anyways)...yes, pics for them will come too.

Well, must sign off and actually get some work done around the office. Thanks to those that have been patient enough to actually check in from time to time to see if I'm still alive! :)