Monday, 9 February 2015

My silly life...

Why is it that I can only find someone to love online? What's so wrong with me that I can't seem to "find" someone in the real world...?

Could it be that I'm too independant? Could it be that I'm intelligent? While I'm not ugly, I'm not society's idea of beauty, either (and it doesn't bother me a bit). Could it be that I'm not afraid of using my mind, forming opinions and standing by them until someone has the arguements that might prove me wrong? I enjoy listening. I'm not the most fashionable person, but I'm not wearing my 80's fashions (even if they are back in style, I disliked them then so why would I suddenly like them again? *lol*). I'm old (44 this year), and unable (well, unwilling due to my age) to have children. While I may be stuck in a nowhere career, at least I have a steady job and am very lucky in that regard. I am also trying to take advantage of the "free" education offered here at work to improve myself and my chances at better empolyment.

Men! Too afraid of an intelligent, honest, independant woman. As I'd hate to bruise their delicate egos, to hell with them. *LOL* Actually, that's not totally true, if a man's ego gets bruised by my personality he's SO not worth being around. I've been considering either e-Harmony or Lifemates...but there is one called "It's Just Lunch" that's been tempting. I think part of the problem is that at my age I should be well established in my career, or should have been married once already (or even twice). They're expecting perfection, and it's just not going to happen. Sorry to bust your bubble, fellas, but if you're not acheiving perfection you're not going to get it from me. Just trying to be realistic here.

I'll let y'all know how my possible adventures go. I'll never quite accept that I'm too old for this shit, but frankly I'm getting tired of it. Being alone, that is. And no, I do not do the "I Hate Valentine's Day" thing either, but only because it sullies the true St. Valentine. It's ugly that everyone figures that they can only prove to someone that they love them only one day out of every year, and do that by purchasing over-priced "stuff". It's almost as bad as Christmas these days.

Oh well, enough of my ranting. So, how positive do I sound now, Isapacey? *LOL*


Monday, 2 February 2015

Short update...

What is it with me getting sick? Sheesh, just getting over a 2-day migraine with stomach troubles. This after that darned Christmas flu and such. I'm blaming it on the Celiac *lol* BTW, I'll be going for iron infusions once every 3 months after I get my February top-up. If my levels get too low, he'll switch it to every 2 months, if they're good or even a bit high (god forbid,the last thing I'll need is Chromatosis), he'll switch it to every 4 months. At least that's srtaightened out.

Dad is OK, but experiencing some joint stiffness (internal swelling?) in his hands and so forth. Still on the 3 Methotrexate on Mondays, so we rarely plan anything for Mondays and Tuesdays sometimes. He's noticed more indigestion / acid reflux over the past couple of months...medication-related? Any ideas? He can take something like Tums for it, but I'd like him to talk to the Doc about something like Zantac (more of an acid inhibitor). Then again, the Zantac would probably affect the meds somehow... At least there's still no visible swelling. I'm assuming that the stiffness is both a part of him "lying around" on Mondays due to the effects of the Methotrexate (sometimes Tuesday too) - let's just say he doesn't feel like being very active on those days - and the rather cold and damp Wimter weather we get here in Toronto. Which seems to be colder and damper than normal this year, or is it just me?

I'm OK, just busy at the office with our departmental move (LOVE how part of that word is "mental" *lol*). Still have the dark purple hair (actually, badly in need of a touch-up still). Still window-shopping on Etsy too much (but made a neat new friend who runs Briony Lodge Vintage there - if you need a vintage hat (mainly 1930s -1940's, with a few from other decades when she can find them) she's your "man"! Her prices are reasonable, and she strives to give the most accurate description she can. And on that note...yours truly will be trying to open a shop there soon! Nothing listed yet, but I thought it might be something fun to try, and why not get a few dollars fr items I'm no longer using or need. Only on a part-time basi, however, as I still have my "regular" job (and plan to keep it, especially in this economy). Not to worry, I'll be making that very clear to any possible patrons (in my main shop description, actually). It's like running a small business, so there are tax implications I need to sort out to my satisfaction. I'm also brewing up a couple of ideas to make my business sustainable - I need to keep posting new things or my shop will get old and stale in no time *lol* There are no real "niche" markets anymore, but I'm hoping to glean some ideas from simple observation of what sells and what I can get the most impact out of (buy low sell high, after all - actually, that should read "buy low, much elbow grease and imagination-using, sell higher than the cost of my work"). Fun times ahead, I guarantee! :)

I certainly post here when I finally get this shop up and running - I'm calling it "Mugsy's Occasional Shop", as I'll only be listing items occasionally to sell. Yep, that's what we call a "groan-er", but it's just kitschy-cute enough to make people take a short look at the shop, I hope... Need to be losing a few pounds (like, 20) to get back into fighting trim. Along with my iron problems, I seem to be lacking in various vitamins and minerals which is apparently fairly common in Celiacs - even after being on the "diet" for a while. Looking into suppliments, but would really rather do it with food somehow. Smoothies perhaps? I don't mean the all fruit types, the sweet ones, but more so veggies and nuts and so forth. Will be looking into that to see what information I can find out there - any Celiacs are more than welcome to comment! :)

Must be off and get back to work - ya'll take care, be well, and enjoy the rest of your day! :)