Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This is not an abandoned blog...

...contrary to popular rumour. I've been sick, I've been over my ears in work, the holiday season kicked me in the tuckus and almost won...sheesh! Hoping for better (and the energy to work towards better) in 2015!

For now, a quick update...we're all over our various cases of the flu, except Dad who seems to still be battling Bronchitis - and with his RA meds buggering his immune system, we're keeping a close eye out for pneumonia. We survived Christmas - me, home alone sick, my folks giving a command performance at my Aunt & Uncle's place.

Trying not to lose it at work. But still feeling lucky I even have a job to complain about. Long over due thinning out of the "stuff" going on in the whole household. Long overdue sewing, knitting & crocheting projects looking forlorn in the corner. Hell, a long overdue hair colour touch-up badly needed!

Making new friends online and in the "real" world *lol*. I love 1930's & 1940's hats! Looking forward to the departmental move - but still looking desperately for another job. Am now down to occasional iron infusions as food and oral suppliments do not work (stupid, stubborn body!).

All the best to everyone for 2015 - time to start kicking ass and taking names! :) *LOL*