Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Hoping the lovely and talented Jessica's comment on my "Merry Christmas" entry comes true for everyone!! :)

Mat you all have a fantastic New Year!! :)


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Early Merry Christmas everyone!

Hi there, thought I'd send out good wishes now as it's one of the most busy times of the year (besides tax time, yay! *lol*).

Thanks a million to Jessica and Isaspacy (why do I just KNOW I spelled that wrong??) for your well-wishes...I'm sure something will come along, too - once I can get my rep moving on helping me complete my darned resume!!  Anywho, still looking, but it's a bad time of year to do so...probably something good in the new year. :)

Best to all of you, and be sure to eat lots and enjoy whatever company you may have to the fullest - even if it's only the voices in your mind...  ;)


Friday, 27 November 2015

A little update...

Still job hunting, but now having more time to do this during my unemployment is fantastic!  I'm seeing one of those career transition reps, and it's been a real help, as things have changed tremendously during the 12+ years it's been since I last did up a resume.  Holy crow, that's a long time!  Trust me folks, you may want to consider updating any resume you may have - not as a just-in-case, but simply so you can remember to write down every skill (soft and technical) you pick up / learn over time.  If anything, it'll serve as a great reminder of just how awesome you really are, and prove to you that you know more than you think.  A great confidence booster during tough times.

Over a month has gone by since I became redundant.  I've been focusing most on getting the extra flotsam and jetsam of paperwork and articles I'd kept over time thinking it might be useful.  Did I mention that I'd become a bit of a hoarder over the past 10 years or so?  Not TV-worthy, but enough that I've run out of room in my room for my stuff.  SO, I've been shredding, donating, and recycling like crazy over the past few weeks, ad still have more to go.  Sooner or later I'll have to get the proposed shop going on Etsy - why not make a buck or two while clearing out?  Goodness knows I've shopped on Etsy enough to have learned a few things *lol*

Anywho, must get back at this whole resume / company research / job hunting well as playing around on Etsy and Pinterest.  ;)


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Of redundancies and other things...

Sorry to have disappeared for a bit there - my job became redundant so I've been a bit preoccupied of late ;)  No worries, I'm ok, everything is fine - good package - so things will settle down soon enough. This happened October 20th...and while it was not a surprise as we all knew that 2 of the 4 folks were going to be let go, I admit I was a bit surprised that I was one of them.

Meh, shit happens, and life goes on.  I have a career transition rep helping me help myself find another job, so life is good. :)  Do you know that it's been over 12 years since I've had to write up a resume??  I'll be sure to keep things a little more up-to-date here as they happen...

Take care and be well everyone!


Monday, 19 October 2015

Mrs. Depew has a great contest and sew-along running!!

See it here...

The contest ends October 23rd (this coming Friday), so if you want to enter you'd better hop to it! :)  In any case, this lady's got some amazing patterns on , and in her lovely Etsy shop here.

Happy sewing, and the best of luck to you if you enter her contest!


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Quick post with a strange but terrific tip! :)

If you have fiberglass stuck in and on your skin (after "playing" in the attic like Dad and I did this past Thanksgiving weekend), masking tape will help remove it!  Who knew, right?  Just stick it to yoself and rip it off like a waxing strip, and Bob's your Uncle, the fiberglass is gone.  No, a good shower does not completely work, BTW...

Thanks to Google (and "How Stuff Works", I think) for this terrific tip for a good night's sleep after insulating! :)


Monday, 5 October 2015

I've been bad... :)

Lack of pics, lack of blog goodness I'm a really bad blogger!

From last weekend (Sept 26 - 27) on I was sick with the stomach flu - consider yourself warned that this flu is out there, so take good care of yourself!

The previous weekend, I was trying to clean up a calculator from the office - technology and apple juice do NOT mix well, please be careful with liquids, especially ones that get sticky as they dry (Ewww!) *lol*

I've been trying (and failing) at not spending money - damn you Etsy! :)  Investment time is slowly coming and I need to build up as much as I can.  And yes, I DO consider myself lucky that I actually have money invested (RRSP, TFSA, my "I need a home of my own" money) rather than living from paycheque to paycheque.  It's a great habit to get into, if you can manage it at all I definitely recommend it.  Even $10 per month put away in an account that's hard to take money out of adds up over time.  Everyone needs an emergency fund in case of life happening while you were making other plans...

Still looking for work in the same company I'm currently working for - 10 years is a lot of seniority to throw away - but not much is coming up.  I do have a meeting booked with the hiring officer in a department that I'm VERY interested in, so we'll see what happens.  networking.  A life-saver in the office world, or any work-world for that matter.  Make those connections, keep them going, and use them when you need to.  That last step is so hard, but everyone needs help of some sort, and it's not weakness to ask.  It may look like a "friend of a friend of a friend" kind of chain, but perhaps your co-worker or whomever just might know someone that knows someone in another area of your workplace that might be able to help you get a foot in the  One thing to remember...always be ready to try and help someone else the same way if you can.  Pay it forward, return the favour, whatever, just don't be stupid enough to think that you can use people and not give something back!  Reputaions are broken that way, you know...  ;)

TTFN, must get back into the job hunt...

Friday, 14 August 2015

Lately I've been...

Inspired by the lovely and talented Jessica of Chronically Vintage, I thought I'd give this a quick try... :)

Things that have been filling my thoughts and days lately (besides work *groan*!):

Dreaming of:

Autumn!  Although I must admit we've had an easy Summer this year, not stinking hot for long periods of time, decent rainfall, and the humidity hasn't really been that bad this year, comparatively speaking. 

Also, it would be really nice if I could wear my vintage much more than I do.  At the very least, I'd love to get the gumption to get cracking at all those amazing vintage sewing patterns I've been hoarding.

Travelling.  There are so many far-flung places I'd love to see.  I'm hoping to do the Alaskan cruise with some family members next year, but mostly I need to be a tourist in my own country for a while.  With side trips to the USA.  Oh, and one trip to Fiji in my lifetime! :)

Moving back to:         

Once again, you get to hear about the struggle of work / life balance.  Why is it so hard?  Or is it a female thing?  in this day and age do we really still feel like failures if we cannot always have a clean and orderly home, well behaved children, and be possibly one of the best employees ever?  Ok, I don't own a home, and I certainly do not have children (still missing the other half of the equation that helps make those children *ha ha*), but why is it after my workday I still feel more like crashing on the couch than trying to at least get a little housework done every evening so my weekends are guilt-free?  Why do I so rarely feel like helping out in the kitchen at home (poor Mum) and cooking even 2 meals a week?  *sigh*  Will have to work on that one, and stop making my work my life!


Just finished "Roots" (yes, that miniseries from ages ago), and it's a fantastic read!  It goes so much deeper into Kunta Kinte's history before he was kidnapped and sold into slavery, and it's fascinating to learn more about his culture and religion.  Also, working my way through another Stephen King novel (well, actually two), "Revival" and "Finder's Keeper's".  Also, "The Women of the Bible".  Not happy unless I'm reading a few books at once.  Short attention span?  Not really, at least not that I know of...  ;)


Well, right now for television it's repeats...or on demand.  Catching up on "Extant", "Making the Mob", "Under the Dome", and "The Astronaut Wives Club".  As far as movies are concerned, you'll more likely see me parked on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).  ;)



Well, not much to say about that, except too much junk.  ;)  But not to worry, I've been also trying to add more of a "real food" or even "clean eating" approach to my diet (all gluten-free, of course - damn you, Celiac!).  Wish me luck...but I admit I am feeling better already...  :)  However, if you think of one minute I'm totally giving up my caffeine (you know, coffee and such, great for headache treatment for me) and my alcohol (giver of headaches, but what a fun way to get them), you're whacko! Ha, ha, ha!!  



Not much of anything right now, except for a mess...  :)


Arrgh, I can't get the pics off of my phone!  Ok, so you'll have a pic of a phone like mine for now...and yes, I LOVE my BlackBerry and will be getting another one someday.  So there! ;)

Wearing lots of:

OK, so I don't take outfit pics.  Perhaps I should start in case this question ever comes up again.


In my diary, and that's private.  Sorry ;)

Listening to:

Not much music anymore :(  Really should start again...

Painting my nails:

Not too often, but mainly so I can keep what little length I allow myself.  Hey, I pound a keyboard for the majority of my job! :)  No, those are not my nails but it's generally what I've been doing lately, variations of a French Manicure.



That feeling of the breeze in my hair as I leave the office at the end of the day (the pic is a guy, I couldn't find one of a woman.  I guess we're not supposed to run out of the office at the end of the day.  Right.  Look!  There goes another winged Sus scrofa domesticus.).  Quickly.  And almost everything else out there in the world.  Except ignorance, I HATE that!  Oh, and I love gin.  ;)

Wishing I had a...:

You figure it out...  ;)


Notice a theme here?

Thinking about:

Just kidding with that first pic...or am I?  No, I am!  Thinking about what my job situation will be come October - employed with the same company, I hope.  How to spice up my life a little, and getting a little more active and healthier.

Thanks to Jessica for the blog inspiration!  She's a super gal with a super Etsy shop (plug!!).

I hope you enjoyed all the pics, too.  Thank you Firefox!  I was naughty and downloaded it at the office, as my IE8 is SO outdated it's like trying to get on the internet with a typewriter.  Seriously ;)

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend! :) 


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blogs and shopping and job hunting

Oh my! *lol*

Looking for a new position within the company...not being given a choice as I have an end-of-October deadline. Knew this was coming, but it's still a kick in the head when it does, am I right? Watching my back for knives... ;)

Been looking up smoothie recipes on my fave site AllRecipes A totally fun place to hang out and make yourself hungry! Considering the switch from solid-food lunch (or would dinner be better?) to semi-liquid...not just for dieting (and I could stand to lose about 20lbs give or take), but from a health factor. Slowly trying to cut back on my obvious sugar intake and incorporate more "real foods" into my diet. The less procesed the better to my thinking, so this should be interesting. Trying to get a little more exercise in my day as well. I'm pretty good about taking stairs as opposed to escalators (sometimes even elevators), walking instead of transit, and getting enough wlaking time while at work (broken up into small intervals), but I certainly ned more. I'm going to try and get back into my weight routine - just basics with hand weights at home - and more walking. Due to being an arthritic old fart I need more low-impact routines than anything else, so I'm also thinking of trying some form of yoga as well. Flexibility is a good thing! *lol* I wonder if my eventual goal should be belly-dancing? Meh, let's just fit in more exercise and move on from there, shall we? Anyone familiar with my sewing promises and picture posting promises knows how much of a procrastinator I can be! :)

Shopping too much on Etsy...however, any of you with a leaning towards 1950s hats should take a look at a shop run by a friend of mine in New Jersey, Jan, at Briony Lodge Vintage on Etsy. She does sell from other eras (mainly the 1930s to the 1940s), but she is currently holding a "Closeout" sale of her more modern hats from the 1950s and 1960s, so hurry in and take a look around before the sale ends - and it will by the end of the month (July), if not before. Use her coupon code "TAKE10" (without the quotes) for an extra 10% off your purchase, and tell her I sent you! :)

Must get back to work now - I'd hate to get caught blogging in the office, especially now *lol* Have a terrific day y'all!!