Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just venting, skip this one...

Why is it that people in authority get to say what they want however they want to, and I have to hold my tongue or explode? Why were my complaints and requests ignored for so long - or, apparently, conveniently forgotten - so I'm the one in burnout and not getting anything for it? Why am I still at this job? Because, I have nothing else and I need the money to live on, that's why. So, I'll keep on keeping my tongue (or get my ass fired), keep working like helat a job I can;t stand for a person I have absolutely no respect for - not even their position - and work on getting another job. I'm in my deepest temporary depression yet. I mean, I'm on medication for both depression and anxiety, but there's times that I sink in beyond my control. But I also come out of it too, so no worries there.

I'm stronger than this. I'm better than this. I'll be better, and I'll be the better person by not getting our H.R. department involved and raising holy hell over this mess.

Will I?

Monday, 2 June 2014

I'm baaaack!

After a brief absence, I have returned to haunt the interwebs.

The visit with the relatives went very well - I haven't seen both Uncles since I was in my teens (and I'm 43 now, so you do the math), and got to meet my "new" Aunt. I put that in quotes as they were married 5 years ago, so she's new to me only. Great lady, I think my Uncle chose well - and of course I'm biased that she chose well too! *LOL*

Still bandying about with nail art - one of my more affordable hobbies I guess you could say. Much more than the 1920's - 1940's sewing patterns I still love ;)

Lack of pics and links in this post, I know - SO BORING! Being lazy for this update, what can I say?

Oh, one question, though...does any of you out there know of anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis? my Dad was just diagnosed, and the Doc is doing some aggressive treatment for now (Dad's "numbers" were up around 200 - 300, rather than the usual 10 or so), but I was wondering this -does the medication help fairly quickly? He's in constant pain as it's affecting his hands more than anything else, especially the right hand it seems...and he gets these shooting pains through that hand and part of the arm. Basically, Mum and I just want to see the pain lessened, if not mostly gone. He's been quite depressed about the whole thing (as I'm sure you can imagine), he feels useless and hopeless. Mum has to help him get cleaned up and dressed in the mornings, as well as when going to bed. I'd offer to help in some way, but both Mum and I agree that it would be even more demeaning to him to have his Daughter helping him like that.

*sigh* Really, we just want to know that the meds will work somehow, and hoping they work quickly...?

Thanks to you all...