Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Must be the new haircolour...

Well, been away for a bit, haven't I? Busy, busy, and all that rot. Actually, busy at work and getting ready for relatives visiting from Saskatchewan next week - yay! Haven't seen the Uncles in forever, SO looking forward to it! :)

Anywho, wanted to post a quick link:


Shop here, you'll love it! *lol* Actually, it's the brand new etsy shop run by my friend, the lovely and talented Jessica of Chronically Vintage. She has some really nice jewellery posted - if that's your "thing", that is...I know I have a few items "favourited' ;)

Oh, and something else I've taken an interest in...nail art. Seeing as how I can't afford a new wardrobe for now (well, excepting something I find at Value Village), and I have most of what's needed for "playing" with my nails, what the heck, right? one website / blog I've practically fallen in love with is here. She looks like a super-talented lady, and her nails look incredible! :)

Have fun, y'all, and I'll catch ya later!