Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ummm...still here and alive...

Well hello there! Thngs have been a might busy here in Mugsy-land. Had company from British Columbia visiting for a couple of weeks - funny story there. They arrived on the day of the worst snow storm we've had in the big T.O. so far this Winter - the same stuff they moved to B.C. to get away from! *LOL* I think we must have shovelled the driveway 5 times through the day to try and keep things relatively clear for their arrival. No matter, it was a fun visit and great to see them again.

Let's see if I can get this darned thing to work...

You know, I really need to not try and update my blog while I'm using my work computer. So many features are useless - like trying to post pics. We are using a totally outdated version of IE, I'll admit...and it might be due to the firewall, too. All good things in their own way - any company with internet connectivity NEEDS protection from the outside world - but kinda frustrating at times, too.

In any case, there's courses through work for me to finish by the end of the month (required), moving to be done - not me personally, sadly, but departments shuffling around the head office here. Guess who gets to pack and unpack? *lol* Drat, I also remembered benefits to apply for before time runs out, too. RRSP to top up the the last tax year, much shifting of personal items (shifting them out of the house, hopefully), and cross stitching / embroidery to catch up on (I'm SO far behind on some of them...a couple were meant as Christmas gifts - yikes!!) Problem is my wrist is really acting up due to all the snow and ice we've had to clear this year. Unusual Winter for us, lots of snow and ice. Poor Dad has it worse than I do, his wrist is so swollen up we're considering another trip to the Doc to see if the first diagnosis might have been wrong. Dad's shoulder is bothering him again, too. Between him and me (did I fail to mention my back is shot lately?) we're the "wrecks" of the family! *lmao* Oh well, some much needed recovery time this weekend, and then we're off to the races again. All is good - at least I'm alive and can complain, and I know it'll go away eventually. Life is very good... :)

Sheesh, I sound like some old fart! Yikes!

On the sewing front... Still awaiting some time to complete my black slacks. No progress on that light purple sweater I was altering but I should hop on that soon so I have something "new" to wear for Spring - if it ever comes. I'm gutless when it comes to "fixing" that lovely plum coloured wounded dress from the 1940's that my friend so generously gave me - but I think I have a clue as to what period repairs I can make to parts of it, as well as generally altering it to fix the neckline - I'm hoping that learning a little more (theoretically) about period repair methods will boost the confidence a little more - I just HATE making mistakes, but I hate the fact that I seem to beat myself up about them even more.

Well, before I ramble on madly off in all directions, I should go. May you all have a wonderful upcoming weekend! :)