Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Still overhwealmed at this silly thing called work *lol* In the mean-time:

May your hair remain stiff tonight (if it's styled that way, that is)
May you not run out of candy for all the trick-or-treaters that haunt your doorway
may your own children magically avoid the illness that comes from eating far too much Halloween candy (and may they avoid the Dentist, too)
May your party be a smash (office party or personal party - heck, why not both? I'm feeling generous today)
May your drink glass never be empty (and may you have plenty of hangover cures for tomorrow)
May your costume make a terrific impression on everyone


May the spirits of those dearly departed smile upon you tonight! :)


Monday, 20 October 2014

Back home...

...and hating it already - when can I go back?? *LOL*

Ah, home sweet home (and back to my own bed - amazing how much one misses their own bed while away). Still sorting stuff out, trying to get caught up on e-mail, trying to get back into a work routine...and having a heck of a time getting back into my own time zone! I realise that going East is worse than going West as far as jet-lag, but wow! I slept until 2:00 p.m. (?!) my time on my first night back - and I had gone to bed at about 10 p.m. my time in an effort to get back on track asap. Sheesh! :)

Not many pics as I'm updating this while on lunch at work, but I do have some cell phone shots. My folks have my camera as it was smaller, but they'll be back later so I don't have everything with me just yet.

Let's see, some funny things that happened...

1) Flew out with a Catholic priest on the plane. That was either a really good sign or a really bad one - thankfully a really good one - this time... *lol*

2) I think I surprised my cousins that I was able to handle a rifle during target shooting rather well for a first-time city gal. I had a terrific teacher (thanks Bill!!), and had a really good laugh at myself when I couldn't cock the .410 shotgun (I think that was the one). I laughed more than the guys did! But they were teasing my cousin's husband when I appeared to out-shoot him on my first try with his 300 (I called the big guns the "boom sticks", as you could feel the shot more than hear it) - but it was already painstakingly set up by him, as well as him taking a couple of shots first himself, so I put it down to strictly "beginner's luck". I honestly don't think I could have hit the broad side of a barn door if he hadn't set everything up so well himself...even if I did hit the outermost edge of one of the bullseyes with another rifle (the 7mm, if I remember rightly - the second "boom stick" we were using that day)- freehand... *ahem* *LOL* Honestly, I was more paranoid about either breaking my collarbone or dislocating my shoulder more than anything else, so most of my time was ensuring the butt was snugged against my shoulder joint / collar bone area properly. Super fun, and a sport I'm actually considering. Like I need a reason to spend more money... *rolls eyes at self* One cousin (who shall forever remain Shawn) said I "got all redneck" out there! *LOL*

3) Continued to bug the heck out of my Uncle in Adam's Lake (you won't find a town by that name, it's too small for mapping purposes) by calling him by his nickname (a really cutesy one for such a "manly man" if his breed). Either that, or I kept telling him when he was upset or grumpy about something that he was " cute when you act all Neanderthal". Thankfully he still laughs at that one...

4) Got to share a bed with my Mother for a week, something I haven't done before. She snores. And when I kick the covers off through the night she steals them. Guess what I'm probably not doing again unless I have to? :) Sorry Mum, couldn't resist telling that one... And Dad was so cute falling asleep at the drop of a hat watching TV out there. We liked to call it his "Introspective time" as he looked deep in thought propping his chin up and looking so serious...while lightly snoring... ;)

5) Flew back with the VP of our department - small world or what? They were coming back to Toronto after a conference in B.C. - just sheer shit luck that we were on the same flight. Which was a good thing, I like to think - at least if the plane crashed more effort would be put into looking for them, so better chance that I'd be found, too! *LOL* Just kidding, but I do think like that occasionally for humour's sake...

6) While not terribly funny, I'm glad I came home when I did as everyone out there is sick with a darned good cold. Fighting it a little myself, but not near as bad as everyone else sounds out there. Mwa ha, ha, ha - I've spread my disease and fled the town!! Seriously, it wasn't me, though...who cares who it was, I hope everyone gets better soon!

All in all, a great trip, and fantastic getting caught up with various cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Both Uncles have sucessfully beaten Cancer, so it was even better seeing them. And it was wonderful as always to get caught up with Hugh (I think he's a cousin of some sort, but I tend to get a little confused there). Re-connecting with my cousins is always terrific - they're a great bunch, and a lot of fun. We even got connected over the subject of Zombies (Shawn...of the Dead?)! Funny enough, we all like joking about being prepared for the Zombie apocolypse, and it was fun talking about the Walking Dead and Z Nation TV programs - Z Nation has the funniest deaths / re-animations IMO, especially the toddler that became a zombie (yep, it's been noted that my sense of humour frequently crosses over into "sick puppy" territory), and I even learned how to (implosibly) kill a zombie using a hand-held mixer or beater watching that show. See? Hilarious!!

Oh, and two Thanksgiving dinners while out there. Oy vey! Double the turkey, double the food comas - and double the "wind", shall we say... When you consider how much gas the average turkey gives a person (well, me in any case), that part of it was not fun - I kept stepping outside with my Mum when she went for her smoke to release the pressure valve a little. Thank goodness I didn't get too close to her or I might have gone up in flames! See, I did funny things out there, too, I don't just tell stories on my Mum and Dad! ;)


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Quick update post

OK, well, here I am:

This is beautiful Chase Falls running down into Chase Creek. I mean, really, how could I go back to Toronto after being here, right?

Unfortunately we missed "Chewy", the local marmot:

But all in all, it was a nice little hike that day.

We've also seen the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge, an amazing place doing incredible work. Learned one thing I didn't know there (well, there's lots I don't know...) - did you know that there's three sizes of donkey, Mammoth, Standard, and Miniature? To me, the Mammoth looked to be about the size of the average horse...

Here's Mugsy Dad beside one of them for reference:

Of course the donkey's head is down when I take the picture! Dad's an average height kind of guy, if that helps with visualization. BTW, Dad's been doing really well with his R.A. - he even finally quit smoking!! SO PROUD! It's been 3 weeks, and not even a slip-up. MUCH better for him, especially with the meds he's on now...

And, the white donkeys are related to donkeys from either Italy or Morocco:

Anywho, off for lunch. Less of a chance of being online now that I'm going to my other Aunt's place in Adam's Lake.

Have fun, y'all, and thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Alive and well

Just a short post - alive and well in the wilds of B.C.. Amazing how relaxed I'm feeling now that I'm away from the silly situation called work! *lol* Funny how every time I'm hre I think about ditching it all and starting over again...


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hi there, remember me?

Oddly enough, I shall be more or less offline for the next couple of weeks - nothing bad, I assure you. :)

Dad's been doing really well lately, been off of the steroids for about a month now. Still has a bad day or two after his Methotrexate (sorry my spelling sucks), but in general he's been doing well. Still stiffens up a bit when he doesn't move around enough, but good otherwise. He's currently out West, so I like to think that it's both the drier air and the different span above sea level that's helping. A wonky theory, but I like it for now.

Been looking at Halloween stuff - a bit early, but for some reason it's really capturing my imagination this year. One costume idea I've seen is that of a Silent Movie star, and considering my love of old movies its right up my alley. As I have more era-appropriate brown clothing than black and white, I may go as a sepia-toned star rather than black white and grey. Meh, just thinking out loud...

Apparently some relatives of mine have entered me in a "Shopping Buggy / Lawn Mower Race" this coming weekend. Someone here at the office told me what a shopping buggy race was...which reminded me I really have to update my Will... If I manage to get any non-wounded or non-bloody massacre-like pics of this, I shall share (yeah, yeah, heard that one before).

Anywho, may you all have a fantastic couple of weeks, and I'll be back online for sure as soon as I can... :)


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Anemia and Celiac - or, welcome to the irony that is my life :)

Well, as my last blood test came back with iron levels too low to register (and red cell count drastically lowered as well), my Doc and I decided to try Euro-fer (300 MG) again. Good thing to do, yes?

For the past week or so, I've been feeling crummy by the afternoon - stomach upset, gassy, low grade headache, even irritable. Sounds a little like PMS, and tat's what I thought it was, as a "visitor" came this past Saturday *wink, wink* However this past week it has been getting worse and worse, to the point that the day before I was having stomach cramps, and yesterday it was a battle of will to keep my lunch down. I ended up leaving work early. But before I made the decision to ask if I could leave early I did a little internet research. Turns out that no-one appears to be sure if Euro-fer is Gluten-free. At the least, it is listed as an oral iron suppliment / medication that can be known to irritate any existing inflammitory intestinal problems, of which Celiac is grouped into. This means that my cure is "killing" me! *LOL* Trust me, I have to laugh or I'll go crazy...

Not only do I feel miserable (but as I've stopped taking the iron I know I'll feel much better soon), but I also feel a bit like an idiot for not looking this medication up before asking for it. But not feeling that stupid - after all, when I needed it a few years ago it was shortly after I was diagnosed, and I was still used to all of the symptoms of Celiac so I didn't appear to notice any reaction to the iron at that time. Now that my Celiac is being managed, I noticed the symptoms very much.

I guess I'm posting this to let other Celiacs know that they should be cautious when taking this particular suppliment / medicaton. You may or may not react to it, I just got lucky in that particular lottery and reacted. there are other iron suppliments / medications out there, so it's not like all hope is lost. Just be sure to do some research before you make a choice as to what you figure will work for you, that's all. Once this "gunk" works out of my system I should be feeing better. In my particular case, I think I'll opt for iron infusions this time and go from there. What can I say, in my personal case "Once bitten, twice shy", but that's just me.

Take care, all, and have some fun for once - been boring here lately so stir some stuff up! :)


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Funny stuff...

Felt like posting some signs and posters I've bumped into around the internet - just some funny stuff that relates to me at this moment and time... :)

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Yep, still here...

What do you mean it's been a month?? Holy schmoley!

I guess an update is in order...

Dad's still doing good on his meds, especially now that he's off of the steroids. It'll be nice to see him get rid of that puffiness around the face that he developed (just the cheek area, but a normal reaction so no worries there).

Mum's good, the lucky one that's healthy *lol*

I'm back on my iron meds as my blood test came back with it too low to register - my red count is way down too because of that. Severe Anemia is common for me, and I've been through this before so I know what to do/expect about it. No, food does not help in my case. Regular suppliments that one can get over the counter do not help, either (10 - 11 mg at a dose - really, you're kidding me, right?) For my particular case, Euro-fer (perscription, not available as OTC) works the best, but getting the timing right for me can be a bit of a Bitch-kitty. One hour before meals, or two to three hours after meals. Sounds simple, right? I don't eat three squares a day, I'm one of those multi but small meals people. It works best for my Celiac and blood sugar, what can I say? Anywho, I'm only taking one a day right now, will work up to two a day. Did I mention that these puppies are 300 mg? Yep, really high dose, so lots of fiber, gang! *lol*

It's only been about a week and a half, so no major difference right now. Will wait about another week or so to get my follow-up blood test done to see if anything's improved. If not, back to iron infusions. That's a process where I get hooked up to an IV for about a couple of hours as an outpatient treatment at my local hospital. Time-consuming, boring, and a little painful as they put the IV in the back of my hand - which makes it hard to read a book as I can't really use my hand due to the IV needle in there. The plus side? Not only does it really work, I get to joke around with a terrific gang of nurses about me being there for Happy Hour - the "stuff" used smells like a strong rum and coke, I kid you not! *LOL*

All of this because I went to see my doctor regarding my migraine headaches. I get one a month (yep, at that time), sometimes 2 (during ovulation), and when the weather acts up. I also get stress/tension headaches, cluster headaches (my term for them, "cluster-fucks"), sinus's just the migraines that are a real problem as I end up calling in sick to work. Therefore I use up my sick days well before the end of the year and wind up losing pay every day I'm off. Right now I'm using either Advil or NSAIDS (if it's a bad one) and coffee (if my stomach can handle it) and sleep to "cure" one, but I'm hoping that my Doctor can suggest something that'll knock it back a notch or two and leave me still capable of doing my job. I don't care if it gets rid of the migraine completely, I just want to be able to go to work and function without too much brain fog.

Well then, I guess that covers it. Say, if any of you are jonesing for a glamour fix for the day, check out this blog called "It's the Pictures That Got Small" (bonus points if you know where the name came from). There's lotsof amazing photography of major stars from the 1920's up to the 1960's and even 1970's. And he's just recently started posting men's pics on rare occasion - who says men can't be glamorous?? Anywho, enjoy the site and the incredible pics! :)


Friday, 8 August 2014

Update on the shenanigans :)

The womderful Social Media team at VPI have been very generous with me - apparently they will be sending me one of their super-cute Foam Terrier pups!! How neat is that?? According to the kind responder to me e-mail, the Social Media team at the company liked the creativity of my request - I tried to be very nice and polite, and as Mum always taught me, good things will come of it! As the team are very attached to the Foam Terrier puppies, I had to promise to send them a pic of the little one once it reached it's new forever home - which I certainly will.

Not too much on the personal front. The back deck and porch are done, thank goodness. It finally stayed dry enough outside for us to get the whole thing waterproofed. Sorry, no pics yet as I'm updating you all while I'm at the office - I'm such a naughty employee ;)

Looking to do a little shake-up in my life - going through the 'Is this it?" kind of phase...I'm quite sure you've all been there before (thanks Diamondback for putting as close a name to the feeling as I could). It's the time in your life when you're looking for more and it just doesn't seem to be there. You feel almost guilty for getting tired of reminding yourself of all the good things in your life, all the blessings or whatever. Perhaps I am being selfish, I don't know. But I get the feeling I'm just spinning my wheels, wasting time that's far too precious to waste on just sitting around (in a metaphysical sense). I'm looking for new work, so in the meantime I think I need to focus on education/learning, and simplifying my life - get rid of some of the flotsam and jetsam floating around in my space and get a clearer view on my life in general. Drop the shit and get to the good stuff, I guess...or at the very least, try figuring out what the fuck I WANT.

Any ideas / thoughts / comments? (Diamondback, just send me an e-mail, can't re-adjust my blogger settings at the moment - silly me! *lol*)


Friday, 1 August 2014

In case you need a laugh...

Ok, gonna be bad and link to a page of a website. This one is about pet insurance, and I dug around and found a great page on pet breeds that is packed with information. I especially liked this one. It looks like the ideal dog breed for almost anyone - hypoallergenic, a small breed, very small appetite, very few health problems, and an all around generally low maintenance dog! Perfect! *lol* Now, I have no idea if this amazing dog will be allowed to live in our Canadian climate, but I admit I sent the company an e-mail to try and see. I'll let you know if I get to be the proud owner of this truely incredible dog...

Update on Dad:

Numbers are down to 10 (!!) - these are the inflammitory figures that all of the blood tests are for (besides checking liver and kidney function). Not bad considering he started at around 200 - 300, eh? Now it's a matter of weaning him off of the steroids again - he's like the Energiser Bunny or something lately, more like his old self - but the appetite that goes with it is having it's effects...Still, small price to pay when he can now curl his fingers to make an approximation of a fist. And thanks to him we've got the back porch and deck finished! Yay!

Me? Oh, just chugging along. Super crazy busy here on the work front - quarter-end and all that rot. Thinking of quitting the office "Social Committee" at the end of the year - due to lack of communication. Seems some members of the group think that others are psychic and know what's going on in some members minds. Yeesh - please, I get enough of that in my job, I don't need it in something that I've volunteered to do out of the goodness of my heart (and yes, I do actually have a heart, contrary to what you might have heard from the peanut gallery!) Hanging in there long enough to join the Christmas Party at the end of the year, then I'm out. Hell, I put in my three years, it's someone else's turn, for goodness sakes.

Quickly learning that Marcelle's skin care and makeup seems to be mostly gluten-free! Even they admit that some products do have gluten, but they tell you which ingredients to look out for. There's always a risk of cross-contamination - unless the company or production line is dedicated to gluten-free ONLY - but so far it's been smooth sailing. LOVING their cleansers, and the BB cream hasn't caused me any problems. Still hesitating on the lip products, but I have purchased one so I have to try it soon, or risk not being able to return it. I myself can find Marcelle products at both Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall / Pharmaplus, but I honestly have no idea if they can be found State-side...? I'd say try the big chain drugstores first - these are not salon-quality products, not super-exclusive or anything like that, but they can be a little on the pricey side. Well, pricey as compared to the drugstore brand or products like Neutrogena. Still loving my Neutrogena Naturals, but looking to branch out because my skin gets bored and wants something new every once in a while - ahhh, the wonders of being human! *lol* Oh, and still in love with my Lush brand "Coal Face" soap - my blackheads are actually a little less noticable! Wow.

Holy crow, another long entry. All the better to keep you up to date on my tiny corner of the world... ;)


Friday, 25 July 2014


C'mon, everyone likes Fridays, right? Unless you have to work on the weekends, then I guess Fridays can be a bit of a bummer. I feel for you, I've done my time in retail hell and can appreciate the drudgeries. Actually there's a comic strip that does rather well in retail hell's depiction, at almost all levels:


Hilarious, but it also brings back far too many memories *lol*

Ok, down to the good stuff (but I'm not ego-centric, really *lol*):

Dad's doing better now that he's back on steriods (the oral version of Prednisone, in case you were wondering. The inhaler version is commonly used in Asthma patients). Actually, he's reached his 2-week mark already and has started cutting back on the steriods. The trick is to wean yourself off of them so you don't go into withdrawl-like symptoms. Doing good so far. Doc decided to increase the Methotrexate as Dad's doing so well, but it really knocks the stuffin's out of you (the drug, I mean...well, so does the R.A., but that's a different story - or a different part of the same story...ugh! Whatever! I'm rambling now).

Things are busy on the work-front. Didn't get the job I applied for, but now there's 2 more I'm considering. Someone here at H.Q. was also nice enough to supply me with a contact in a different area than where I am now, so good things will possibly come of that too - as in a possible future chance for a position in said different department. In other words, things are actually looking up for a change - the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train heading right for me! *lol*

This really nice and very talented lady will soon be hosting a "mini sew-along" (her term). Knowing my love of vintage fashion, I'll be seriously considering joining in on this one (FINALLY, says Oona, some actual SEWING being considered?? *LOL*). If I do, I'll try and remember to take pics (and post them) as I stumble my way along. A Few Threads Loose is just a terrific blog in general, and Anna's etsy shop has far too many goodies to list here.

If you're a book-lover like me, surf on over and check out Jessica's little question and answer "interview" with herself this past Thursday (July, the 24th already?!). We share too much in common... ;)

Well, time to get back to work! And as Rick Mercer likes to do on his program "The Mercer Report" ... "If you happen to be in St. Jacob's this weekend, why not check out the St. Jacob's & Aberfoyle Model Railway? There you'll see such sights as 'Bode's Well', or a perfect replica of 'Sam and Ella's Restaurant', and maybe you'll even spot the friendly lawyers at 'Dewey, Cheatham & Howe Law Offices'. Goodnight, folks!" Really terrific show and a very terrific Canadian, is Rick Mercer. And I'm not kidding about the model railroad, my friend here at the office saw it and it's amazing! Oh, and the sights I mentioned in the model railway setup? They're real, I've seen the pics my friend took - what an incredible sense of humour the builder had, am I right??


Friday, 4 July 2014

Need I say more?

All hail the great and mighty Oonaballoona!

Aaaarrrgh! Stupid firewall at work!! Can't post the picture of the sewing challenge button!

Perhaps you can see it here if not on her blog...with my apologies for being so rude as to directly link to an image hosted on Flickr (bad Mugsy, bad, bad!!)

Anywho, check out her blog, she's a really great gal with mad fashion sense & sewing skills - hence, "Oonapallooza!" *lol* Check out the button on the left hand side of her blog, and get crackin' on those amazing sewing projects of many gorgeous colours! :)


P.S. Many hugs to my first "official" follower, Diamondback! Yay!


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Enough about me...

I'm a fairly boring subject, as you've started figuring out by now *lol*

Papa Mugsy is doing better, according to his RA specialist (that's Rheumatoid Arthritis, BTW). His inflammitory numbers are down by almost half (47 down to 26), and in general things are improving. He's still in a fair amount of pain, complete with "reminder jabs" in one hand, but we've been noticing in the past three weeks that we can see knuckles again, so no more "sausage fingers" (for the most part). The Doc decided to increase the dose of the meds he's on (Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine - can't remember the dosage, sorry - and Folic Acid for funzies as the Methotrexate can really suck the folic acid out of you), I'm guessing to aggressively kick this things ass. This time. The Doc did agree to put Dad back on steroids for a bit to get him over the hump, as they really seemed to help last time he was on them - it was almost a 180, he was so much better even in attitude. Can't be on them for very long due to the long-term effects, unfortunately. However, it should be long enough to allow the meds to really kick in and do their work - he's only been on them (not the steroids, the other two mentioned previously) for about 5 weeks, and they can take 6 - 8 weeks to really take effect. There are many websites you can Googe to learn more about R.A., but not very many sites for men - this is a disease that affects more women than men, and it seems that women get it worse than men as well (generally speaking). One website / blog that is good is Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy as well as another website / blog called Living With RA for a male persprective of this disease. As far as technical information, I'd suggest a site like WebMD or perhaps the Arthritis Foundation in your area.

As you've noticed, my focus has changed a little. I still plan on posting sewing stuff (vintage and modern, but more of a focus on vintage), a little nail art (there's so much out there already by some very talented people), as well as my life in general. But I'm adding updates on Papa Mugsy as well, as there seems to be very little information on how R.A. from a male perspective. Once I can talk with Papa Mugsy about my idea, perhaps I can convince him to add the occasional update of his own, or at least allow me to give more information about him as related to his R.A. (no guarantees, though - as you can tell, I'm shy so I must have gotten it from somewhere *lol*)

Anywho, that's all for today. have a good one!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just venting, skip this one...

Why is it that people in authority get to say what they want however they want to, and I have to hold my tongue or explode? Why were my complaints and requests ignored for so long - or, apparently, conveniently forgotten - so I'm the one in burnout and not getting anything for it? Why am I still at this job? Because, I have nothing else and I need the money to live on, that's why. So, I'll keep on keeping my tongue (or get my ass fired), keep working like helat a job I can;t stand for a person I have absolutely no respect for - not even their position - and work on getting another job. I'm in my deepest temporary depression yet. I mean, I'm on medication for both depression and anxiety, but there's times that I sink in beyond my control. But I also come out of it too, so no worries there.

I'm stronger than this. I'm better than this. I'll be better, and I'll be the better person by not getting our H.R. department involved and raising holy hell over this mess.

Will I?

Monday, 2 June 2014

I'm baaaack!

After a brief absence, I have returned to haunt the interwebs.

The visit with the relatives went very well - I haven't seen both Uncles since I was in my teens (and I'm 43 now, so you do the math), and got to meet my "new" Aunt. I put that in quotes as they were married 5 years ago, so she's new to me only. Great lady, I think my Uncle chose well - and of course I'm biased that she chose well too! *LOL*

Still bandying about with nail art - one of my more affordable hobbies I guess you could say. Much more than the 1920's - 1940's sewing patterns I still love ;)

Lack of pics and links in this post, I know - SO BORING! Being lazy for this update, what can I say?

Oh, one question, though...does any of you out there know of anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis? my Dad was just diagnosed, and the Doc is doing some aggressive treatment for now (Dad's "numbers" were up around 200 - 300, rather than the usual 10 or so), but I was wondering this -does the medication help fairly quickly? He's in constant pain as it's affecting his hands more than anything else, especially the right hand it seems...and he gets these shooting pains through that hand and part of the arm. Basically, Mum and I just want to see the pain lessened, if not mostly gone. He's been quite depressed about the whole thing (as I'm sure you can imagine), he feels useless and hopeless. Mum has to help him get cleaned up and dressed in the mornings, as well as when going to bed. I'd offer to help in some way, but both Mum and I agree that it would be even more demeaning to him to have his Daughter helping him like that.

*sigh* Really, we just want to know that the meds will work somehow, and hoping they work quickly...?

Thanks to you all...


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Must be the new haircolour...

Well, been away for a bit, haven't I? Busy, busy, and all that rot. Actually, busy at work and getting ready for relatives visiting from Saskatchewan next week - yay! Haven't seen the Uncles in forever, SO looking forward to it! :)

Anywho, wanted to post a quick link:

Shop here, you'll love it! *lol* Actually, it's the brand new etsy shop run by my friend, the lovely and talented Jessica of Chronically Vintage. She has some really nice jewellery posted - if that's your "thing", that is...I know I have a few items "favourited' ;)

Oh, and something else I've taken an interest in...nail art. Seeing as how I can't afford a new wardrobe for now (well, excepting something I find at Value Village), and I have most of what's needed for "playing" with my nails, what the heck, right? one website / blog I've practically fallen in love with is here. She looks like a super-talented lady, and her nails look incredible! :)

Have fun, y'all, and I'll catch ya later!


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Here goes nothing...

So, what do y'all think? personally, I think this 40+ gal makes purple hair look good, but that's just me! *LOL*

Hopefully more pics in general to many projects on the go, so many things to get done around the house now that Spring has finally decided to come. Got the worst part over with already - raking half-rotten leaves away from our Rose of Sharon (and various strawberry plans and rhubarb). Hopefully the rhubarb will forgive me for raking some of it's little sprouts off - ooops!

Anywho, must run...enjoy the last of this nice weekend!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Re-posting an interesting Kickstarter client blog post

Chronically Vintage has made me do it again! *lol* She's posted about a terrific new line of loungewear and lingerie called Maddy James.

Not only odes the loungwear look amazing, it's washable (YAY!!) and totally comfortable to wear (apparently), plus made out of modern materials, which for me personally would make it "safe" for everyday wear.

Read all about it, learn as much as you can, and - if you're so inclined - make a donation to her Kickstarter campaign. Apparently, according to Jessica of Chronically Vintage, if this wonderful line does not make or exceed their goal they get no money at all! Surprising but true. In any case, it's up to you out there - if you wish to donate money to this terrific loungewear line idea, please do! If not, please read about this idea and contact the owner, Gina, to send your spiritual support - while I'm sure the money would be appreciated, I think the encouragement and support would be appreciated, too. :)

Thanks for your time, folks! BTW, a new entry is overdue here, but as I've been sick for a bit it's been slow-going here in blogland for me. things are better, though, so I look forward to catching up on my own posting this Easter Weekend.

Take care of yourselves, and have a great week! :)


Monday, 31 March 2014

The Toronto Vintage Society

hey there...thought you might be interested in this - The Toronto Vintage Society has a terrific blog! These are very taleted and lovely ladies with a love of all things vintage. Check it out, I'm sure you'll find something to love! :)



Friday, 28 March 2014

Good news / bad news,...sort of...

Bad news first:

I'm not going to be able to make it to the Gadsen's sale this Sunday March 30th. Due to recent back problems, I have been barley putting in a full day at work, and pretty much collapsed - physically and spritually - on the couch at home any time I'm not at work. and I was really looking forward to checking this out - shit! However, there is the next one (either fall or next year), so all is not lost.

The back problems are now being taken care of. I have once again put myself in the hands of a Chiropractor, as these problems crop up every once in a while (but the last time I actually saught out treatment was 10+ years ago, silly me). Yesterday was my first treatment, and I must say I'm impressed with the new Doctor. Well, he's not that new at that location, but he took over from the previous Doctor who retired, so to me he's "new". I went from a shambling wreck of sorts to a person that can now walk fairly normally, and to me that's a big improvement. *lol* Now, this is not the usual or past "crack and crunch" type of Chiro that was so popular many years ago. It would be easier to describe it as being like Accupressure, but not quite. It's mainly gentle stimulation of the nerves to promote self-healing. Here's a link to the clinic I'm going to, the "Network Family Care Center" (fka "My Chiropractor"). You can read up about it all yourself, should you so desire. Short version of the story, I can walk again and the pain is pretty much dulled to background levels, if not actually gone.

Now, I'm not what one could call a tree-hugging, veggie-only eating, spiritual guru type New Age weirdo (but hell, this planet needs all types of people in it to keep things interesting, you know?). This "whole body / mind / spiritual" thing is a little lost on me - and frankly seems rather silly at times. It works for some, though, so who am I to laugh and point, right? One question that was on one of the forms was "Rate from 1 - 10 how much you're willing to do to solve this problem" or something to that effect. I gave my number, but added that it depended on how strange the suggestion was - as in "No leeches, please". Now this did get the intended laugh, but as one of my health issues is Anemia, the last thing I need is leeches sucking what little iron out of my blood that I have. And while I refuse to stand in the middle of the room chanting "ohm" with feathers in my ears and crystals shoved up my ass, I am willing to do a fair amount of the work on my own to heal my body. Which right now involves a lot of reading and learning - or refreshing my memory from the last time I went to a Chiropractor.

Enough of my ramblings.

The good news:

You should really read this post by the lovely and talented Oonaballoona - especially if you have had doubts about yourself in your deepest and most secret heart. Especially if you're any sort of a creative type, a woman, someone who enjoys beauty in all of it's forms, or just plain needs an honest and uplifting message about life. Or just read it because you're a fellow human being on this planet. It left me feeling good... :)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Re-posting a generous giveaway!! :)

The lovely and talented Jessica at Chronically Vintage has found an amazing shop on etsy called 4TheLoveOfVintage - and together they're doing a giveaway!

This giveaway from 4TheLoveOfVintage is for a $40.00 store credit to be spent on anything in their shop - caveat: please pop over to Jessica's blog entry for full details and entry instructions! Even if you choose not to enter this giveaway, there's plenty of eye-candy to look at in the shop.

Well, what a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of Spring!

You remember Spring, right? *LOL*



Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hair-raising thinking... ;)

Ok, so...been thinking of either bleaching my hair pretty much platinum (like it used to go during the Summer when I was a child), ooorrr... What about a nice purple shade?

Hell, I'm 43 and have worked at my office job for about 9 years - I think I have a stellar enough reputation to get away with the funky colour in the office! *lol*

What say you?


P.S. Say, I found this blog entry interesting (yep, I do have varied tastes, what can I say?) Actually, one thing I can say is "Don't get me started on the origins of "Ring Around the Rosie" that most children in North America sing". Pretty much the same time and circumstance as discussed in that blog entry.

See, you really DO learn something new every day! ;)


Monday, 3 March 2014

What does Mugsy watch on the tele?

Like anyone really cares... *lol* But I do, so I'm telling the world - and now it's out there hanging in space...forever! Mwa ha ha ha!!


besides the obvious pastime of occasionally catching the news, and this news, too, there are a few programs I like to try and keep up with:

"* Farm" (and for once, the little star does NOT stand for bad language). A terrific little BBC series (that I watch on TVO) that covers different time-periods in agriculture. One was named ""Wartime Farm"", another was ""Edwardian Farm"", and so on. Currently showing is a new-to-Canada series called ""Tudor Monastery Farm"" which I plan upon not missing a single episode of. And yes, I probably should have used "Wikipedia" links all along, but I'm trying to show off our terrific Ontario-based broadcast channel - so sue me. *LOL*

Oops, off topic there a little... In any case, these shows have been fascinating to watch and learn from - I learned how to make cottage cheese in one episode of "Wartime Farm". The presenters are extremely knowledgable (2 archeologists and a historian, so I should think they'd be quite knowledgable), and are also quite enthusiastic as well. That enthusiasm is rather catchy and keeps me hooked on the series - and I must admit, Ruth (the historian) is not only obviously VERY into re-enacting, she has the best laugh ever! :) As well, you might want to look up Peter - it appears he has quite the fan following amongst the ladies! Alex is just a total charmer. 'nuff said. ;)

I am quite the fan of "N.C.I.S." (but sorry, not the L.A. spin-off. I've tried, but it just misses the mark for me, and too bad - I'm a big fan of Linda Hunt) A fun program to watch and be envious of Abbey's style. ;)

"Bones" is a lot of fun, too (provided you can get past the usually gruesome openers for each episode). It's been interesting watching Bones' character develop over time from a total "brainer" with almost no social skills to being married with a daughter. She makes no apologies for being briliiant - something us women need to remember more often.

There are other programs I watch sporadically - including the somewhat guilty pleasure of watching "Duck Dynasty" (which is totally real, right?? No scripting there, no way... *LOL*) Seen many documentaries on the above mentioned TVO, really rather intersting stuff (to me, anyway). Some past faves were "Millennium" and "Brimstone". Even further back in time... "Magnum P.I.", "The A-Team" (hey, I always thought Murdock was a total babe! *lol*), and "St. Elsewhere".

Well, thanks for joining me on this totally selfish memory lane trip. Actually, it would be nice to hear about programs that you enjoy or grew up with that you just can NOT get out of your brain (hello, "Solid Gold" anyone?).

TTFN, and have a super-splendiferous day!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ummm...still here and alive...

Well hello there! Thngs have been a might busy here in Mugsy-land. Had company from British Columbia visiting for a couple of weeks - funny story there. They arrived on the day of the worst snow storm we've had in the big T.O. so far this Winter - the same stuff they moved to B.C. to get away from! *LOL* I think we must have shovelled the driveway 5 times through the day to try and keep things relatively clear for their arrival. No matter, it was a fun visit and great to see them again.

Let's see if I can get this darned thing to work...

You know, I really need to not try and update my blog while I'm using my work computer. So many features are useless - like trying to post pics. We are using a totally outdated version of IE, I'll admit...and it might be due to the firewall, too. All good things in their own way - any company with internet connectivity NEEDS protection from the outside world - but kinda frustrating at times, too.

In any case, there's courses through work for me to finish by the end of the month (required), moving to be done - not me personally, sadly, but departments shuffling around the head office here. Guess who gets to pack and unpack? *lol* Drat, I also remembered benefits to apply for before time runs out, too. RRSP to top up the the last tax year, much shifting of personal items (shifting them out of the house, hopefully), and cross stitching / embroidery to catch up on (I'm SO far behind on some of them...a couple were meant as Christmas gifts - yikes!!) Problem is my wrist is really acting up due to all the snow and ice we've had to clear this year. Unusual Winter for us, lots of snow and ice. Poor Dad has it worse than I do, his wrist is so swollen up we're considering another trip to the Doc to see if the first diagnosis might have been wrong. Dad's shoulder is bothering him again, too. Between him and me (did I fail to mention my back is shot lately?) we're the "wrecks" of the family! *lmao* Oh well, some much needed recovery time this weekend, and then we're off to the races again. All is good - at least I'm alive and can complain, and I know it'll go away eventually. Life is very good... :)

Sheesh, I sound like some old fart! Yikes!

On the sewing front... Still awaiting some time to complete my black slacks. No progress on that light purple sweater I was altering but I should hop on that soon so I have something "new" to wear for Spring - if it ever comes. I'm gutless when it comes to "fixing" that lovely plum coloured wounded dress from the 1940's that my friend so generously gave me - but I think I have a clue as to what period repairs I can make to parts of it, as well as generally altering it to fix the neckline - I'm hoping that learning a little more (theoretically) about period repair methods will boost the confidence a little more - I just HATE making mistakes, but I hate the fact that I seem to beat myself up about them even more.

Well, before I ramble on madly off in all directions, I should go. May you all have a wonderful upcoming weekend! :)


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Falling behind

Ugh. Out for about a week with the stomach flu. I was off work for a couple of days, but sick over the weekend, and had been feeling stmptoms for about 3 days before that. Yeesh. Then again, as one person quipped at the office "Well, it's a great weight loss program" *lol* Which makes me think, now, "Did I need to lose that much weight??" Actually, yes I did, just a rotten way to do it. And a rotten way to get back into ab training.

Anywho, on to more appropriate subject matter...

One place I'd like to try and make it to this March (the 30th, to be exact) is the Gadson's Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. Looks like a lot of fun, and if I remember correctly, the lovely Jill and myself went to one of these a couple of years ago. Fun times indeed! :)

Huh, to try and make up for the awful lack of pics here, let's see if I can add a few of the patterns from my vintage collection in general (no projects planned for these right away, too far behind in other projects - *sigh*)

One I fell in love with:

Sorry, have to link as my picture uploader is being stubborn...

I promised the seller pics of the finished item, but it's taking so long they've probably forgotten who I am - but I will send them, I will! :) Hmmm, while linking to their shop, it appears that there are no items - I wonder if they're either closing down or just really busy? Things like that happen on etsy, unfortunately, but there's so many shops to peruse that it's pretty easy to find almost anything you're looking for.

Aonther lovely I own:

Link. This seller is Toronto-based, and a very knowledgable and lovely person to boot! :) I love PDF vintage magazines, as it certainly saves storage space in my home, and it's probably the instant gratification I love as well! *lol* Check out her blog as well, nifty stuff there...

Another great PDF seller on etsy (wow, I think I'm getting a little etsy-centric here, aren't I?) is this one. A truly lovely person, once in Norway, now in California. Her PDF patterns are terrific, using a French re-sizing method much akin to Lutterloh. Also, her collection of French fashion mags from the 1910's to the 1950's (the age range is fluid as it depends on what she's been able to dig up during the hunt) is amazing - I just need to win the lotto so I can buy everything she has! *lol*

Well, now that I've bored you playing the linky game, I should sign off. Sorry for the lack of pics in this post, I think my security settings are a little too high to allow for pic posting. While I take care of that little issue, I thank you few readers for your patience...and loving the comments, too! :)

What say you...should I have a little giveaway for my 5ooth pageview? I have vintage patterns galore that I'm thinking of selling off somehow (and I don't have the patience for starting up my own shop on etsy or ebay), so I was thinkingof taking some pics of the good ones and letting the winner choose what they want sent to them. Good idea, bad idea? Looking for help from the more experienced bloggers out there...

Thanks much for reading, Ta Ta!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

So far, not going so well *lol*

So much for trying to post here weekly! *lol* I've been like the proverbial paper-hanger these past few months (doing the job of two people at work, some family issues, and busy doing a complete cleanout and overhaul of the computer area / studio and my bedroom, etc.) Let's just say that the Value Village I got to has been getting quite a few items donated over the past few monhs - besides the fact taht I do tend to do a little shopping there.

Yes, I occasionally shop at Value Village, and I see nothing wrong with it. If they happen to have something I need (well, or really want ;) ) I'll pick it up. Considering the fact that I'm really trying to save money for my first condo, I'll save money where I can. Not to say that I shop in dollar stores and the like. There's nothing wrong with shopping there, but for me personally I just can't justify the cost. By that I mean that to me, personally, it's false economy to buy "cheap" when I can save my money and purchase quality that will last for a few years. Items like basics (toothpaste, toilet paper, facial tissue) I purchase on sale and in quantity, if it's a brand I like. I even try and buy Canadian wherever possible to try and support my country's economy, as well as trying to shop as ethically as possible.

Circles, circles, running in circles...

Been a frosty time here in Toronto (-19C today, feeling like -27C with the wind chill. Tonight, -22C feeling like -32C). Actually, I think we've been spoiled by all the mild Winters we were having so this is the first "real" Winter in quite a while. We're just not used to it any more. We could learn quite a bit from our neighbours both in the East and the West about how to cope. Frankly speaking I'm taking the philosophy of "Suck it up, Buttercup" and carrying on with life as usual. I'm not really enjoying it, but I'm getting along, thank you. *LOL*

I actually do have some sewing projects lined up...really! ;) One is not vintage, but a vintage style - slacks, from Butterick's "Lifestyle Wardrobe" line (if it even is a line of theirs...?) B5859 in a black material (the content of which I can NOT remember! Drat!!) that should be office appropriate. Loving the blouse with that, too, but not the material they're showing it made up in. I work in a file room of a major corporation (big enough a company to have 4 file rooms in their head office), and something fancy like that just would not stand up to the daily routine. I understand that people should "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have", but I am so not wearing my suits in a file room. I've already ruined one pair of slacks with the catches under the metal desks here...thank goodness for packing tape. Just take a couple of pieces of the tape (enough to cover the catch under the desk) and stick them on. It provides enough of a buffer that you won't destroy your skirts or slacks if you brush up against those darned things again.

See what I mean about running in circles? *lol*

My other sewing projects are from vintage patterns I've purchased over time. Loving the fashions from the 1930's in particular it seems. I'll try and post some pics of them before the end of the week, along with my material choices. Sadly, as I've gained a fair amount of weight recently (about 30 lbs!), I'll probably have to change some plans and make tops instead of dresses for a couple of them. Honestly not sure if I can lose that kind of weight by the time I'll want to wear them - ah, the joys of both long-term stress and Celiac disease

Anywho, must really get back to work...


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014

At least, that's what I hope it'll be for everyone...

Mini resolution (and I HATE making resolutions) - post more pics! I've got some sewing projects lined up that I really NEED to do (especially my black slacks, as I'm reduced to wearing my grey slacks only. Nothing like a fashion rut! *lol*)

Also, I might delve into product reviews for the hell of it. Totally non-professional, of course, but I'd like to review stuff that one wouldn't normally see in "professional" blogs (e.g. "The Bobby Pin Blog", and amazing blog and a fun and educational read, too! Bought both of her books and they are amazing...)

Another one is...stop looking for love. I don't mean that in a way that sounds as negative as it does, really. *lol* Its just that I've been single for quite a while (10+ years, to be honest), and my bad run of luck - including an apparently broken gay-dar (as I've heard it called) has lead to more frustration than I'd really care to admit to. Any man that I find attractive enough to consider getting to know better (non-sexually, thanks) is either married or gay (and I mean homosexual, not in an offensive way at all - I'm a child of the 70's so I'm not as politically correct as I probably should be). So, my hunt for "companionship" is going on the back-burner as I try and sort out some of the other B.S. in my life ;)

I'm not saying that these resolutions are hard and fast, I probably won't end up living up to them all - what few there are - but considering the fact that my usual resolution is to drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney, and consort with men of loose moral character, I think I'll actually enjoy trying to accomplish these tiny goals. BTW, the above resolutions I usually make is only because everyone breaks their resolutions, and those resolutions are ones I'm very happy to NOT live up to! *LOL*

May you all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!!