Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Boxing Day! *lol*

A little late to be posting my Merry Christmas to y'all, so Boxing Day will have to do! :)

There are terrific sales going on everywhere - even on-line - so sharpen the elbows, people, and get on out there! Chaaaaarrrrrge it!!

Now, I tend to do a fair amount of shopping over on a little site called etsy. It gives me the sense of purchasing items from smaller sellers (as opposed to big-box stores), and fills my little heart with joy. I have a few fave shops of my own that I'd like to share, if you don't mind (and I really hope my linking efforts work):

Adeline's Attic. If you're in need of authentic vintage from the 1910's right on up, this is the place to be. Jill is a knowledgeable and terrific seller, especially regarding the 1920's and 1930's fashions. Her prices may seem a little high to the average shopper, but they are very fair, and you know that you are buying the authentic item. She's a sweet gal to boot, and runs a blog called "Tea With the Vintage Baroness" - and just had a gorgeous haircut (so jealous! *LOL*). Oh, and she's got a second etsy shop which will also become a "bricks and mortar" place called "Moon River Mercantile" in Edmonton! Yay! Someone please purchase that lovely red checked dress at the Mercantile before I do...can't afford it, but it is WONDERFUL!

Another shop that I peruse is called "One More Cup of Tea" run by the lovely and talented Jennifer in Maryland, U.S.A. Plenty of vintage patterns to drool over, and this lady knows her stuff! :) She has got some incredible McCalls patterns posted for sale that I think are really interesting and unique - they are what I personally call "Action" drawings patterns, as the patterns feature some amazing artwork on the front of the sewing pattern "in action" (e.g. these lovely ladies travelling in their freshly made clothes from this pattern look like they're having a terrific time, non?) To me, these illustrated patterns are very unique and should be considered collectables - but they're at such a fabulous price that you should be sure to snap them up while you can! ;)

Now there's "Miss Betty's Attic". This seller is an absolute peach to deal with! Right now she has a whopping 75% off sale going on in her shop! Yes, you read that right, 75% off! She carries sewing patterns from many eras, and one secret I hope to find out eventually - they never have any sort of scent to them! How does she do it?? You know that sometimes you purchase a pattern that's been poorly stored (VERY rarely is it the sellers fault, they usually purchase these things from estate auctions and such) and can smell a little musty, or downright rangy, but any pattern I've ever purchased from this lady must be vacuum sealed in a baking soda environment (or something silly like that) because I've never picked up any kind of scent. In any case, if you're looking for a terrific pattern from almost any era (mainly the 1940's through to the 1980s or even 1990s), this is the place to shop. Did I neglect to mention the 75% off sale that's on right now?? *lol*

I have many other sellers I deal with, but I didn't want to bore the heck outta you by listing each and every one. I've found over time that many of the folks that sell on that site a really nice, and usually very knowledgeable - and if they don't know, they are honest enough to admit it. And that's something I can really appreciate. After all, both the site and the sellers there have a reputation to maintain, and if too many folks were not entirely honest in their dealings, word gets out fast. If you do decide to sign up (free) and shop there, be sure to read the feedback on the sellers. There are also many "clubs" at etsy (e.g. "The etsy Sellers Club" - no link, sorry) where you can learn a little more about pretty much anything, so feel free to look around while you're there.

Well, that was long-winded compared to my usual entries. I do have some pics of Toronto's ice-storm that we chipped our way out of (we were one of the really lucky ones that had power and managed to keep it through the whole thing). We had a terrific Christmas...well any Christmas with the family is terrific, right? Back to work on Friday, off for the weekend, then back for 1 & 1/2 days, off for New Year's Day, then back at it again. When working in an office environment it's always so confusing this time of year - I'm never sure when I'm working or not working, and when working, I sure do miss my nap-times! *LOL*

May you all have had the loveliest of Christmases!


P.S. Sad, but always a favourite of mine - a final chance to say goodbye...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

4, 5...Still alive...

Just a quick note to say that I'm still here, just super busy no that my co-worker has left the hive (office) for a while - eeek! *lol* So many promises to fulfill - while she make it, or fall flat on her face? Stay tuned to this page to find out...