Monday, 28 October 2013

Some other things...

Good day!

First, on a sad note...goodbye.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday!!! I'm an admirer of this talented lady, as well as others like Adrian and Orry-Kelly I've watched many movies that these fantastic folks have done the costume designing for and almost always marvelled at how gorgeous and glamerous the movie stars looked. For a time, it seemed that if your costuming wasn't done by one of these people, your film just wasn't a film. Kind of like what I like to call the Henry Mancini Syndrome (my own term, BTW). If your movie wasn't scored by the great Henry Mancini, you might as well not bother making the movie! *lol*

Thanks to Wikipedia and Google for all of my links - loving Google's splashpage today, some great sketches of some of Ms. Head's designs.

Please forgive me if I'm gushing a little. I realise that there are so many other talented people out there in costume design land in those eras that I'm not mentioning at all, and I hope you can forgive me for that.

More information later on the quick trip to the Creativ Fest Friday night. I even managed to remember to take a pic - really, I have GOT to get into this blogging thing a little more. I'm still learning, so thank you for your patience with me so far... :)

Have a terrific day!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Creativ Fest this weekend!!

Rather looking forward to this, as I've never been to their "Fest" before. Here's a link. I'm thinking of trying to go tonight, as their "Starlight" passes sell for only $5 this Friday night - sounds like a fantastic price to me! :) Perhaps it'll be enough to give me that toe to the booty to get me going on my black pants that I need to sew up - seriously, I've been without black slacks for about a month now, I really miss having a pair of black slacks for work that'll match with almost everything... Shame on old procrastinating me! *lol*

Hoping to see if the Toronto sewing blogges are gonna be there - I admit I've been bad about keeping in touch - Kay, if you're out there do you think you could help me?

May you all have a splendiferous weekend, and enjoy those gin and Ribenas!


Friday, 18 October 2013

Linky linky...

The rather wonderful lady at Adventures in Dressmaking had an interesting post regarding Martha Stewart and her comments about bloggers. Interesting in a good way.

I certainly do not claim to be an expert - the only thing I'm an expert in is being me. I blog because I enjoy other people's blogs and want to give back in some small way. I also enjoy the friendships I have developed over time this way, as well as pearls of knowledge to add to my proverbial necklace of wisdom.

I admit to some disappointment in Ms. Stewart assuming that we're all brainless enough to believe everything we read on the internet as totally honest and totally correct - even the experts out there that blog either for a living or for the fun of it can make mistakes sometimes. After all, we're only human. And while I'm the first to admit that I decry the apparent 'dumbing down" of society in general, I firmly believe that people will read thinigs out there, take the information with a grain of salt, and form their own opinions - unlike Ms. Stewart, who seems to assume that most people are "dumber than a bag of hammers" (thanks to "Oh, Brother, Where art Thou?" for that particular bonne mot) and are quick to assume that everything everyone blogs about is totally correct and without reproach.

Huh, I disappear for a bit then come back here with a rant (of sorts). Sheesh.

Anywho, may you all have a great weekend cooking, sewing, reading, housecleaning (yuck!), or just generally getting up to shenanigans of all sorts ;)


Monday, 7 October 2013

Karma's still hanging tough...

Add to Friday:

- Broke an already short nail off to the point it bled (just a tiny bit).
- Sprained my elbow and ankle getting off of the commuter train going home.

Is it any wonder I had a couple of drinks Friday night? Vodka and Ribena mix nicely - too nicely, actually *lol*

Oh well. Today should have been better, but:

- Would have been at work on time but for the slowly creeping public transit this morning. It was so crowded that we were packed in like sardines...bad traffic plus rainy weather meant that everybody and their brother took TTC in to downtown this morning. Sheesh.

- Someone cleaned off their desk before going on vacation. Cleaned it off late Friday. Which meant there was a lot for me to deal with this Monday morning. Thank you very much.

- Somone else is cleaning off their desk as well to try and keep organised. Why couldn't this come to me bit by bit, instead of a deluge?

Thank goodness I'm still in a good mood. Hell, if I didn't keep laughing about all this sillyness, I'd cry - or get really grumpy. This guy usually makes me laugh out loud (and yep, I have all of the original books, but I'm hoping to own all of the "new" ones, too...someday...)

Image source:

Oh, greeeeaaat, I can't post a picture in my blog while here at work, meanwhile others can spend most of their day on facebook...where is the justice in that? *lol* I too should be able to fritter my day away on the internet... *lmao*

Friday, 4 October 2013

You know it's gonna be a bad day when...

Left late for work this morning.

Stepped out the door and it started to rain (thankfully had my umbrella).

Grabbed the wrong bus (but it still got me to where I needed to go).

Stood there on the train platform staring at an ex that got off the train that I was getting on. Bastard didn't say a word or even deign to look right at me. Heart is hurting...

Had to stand on the second train (really hating that stretch between Eglinton station and Davisville station - makes you lose your balance far too often). Tote bags and large knapsacks need to be banned!

Got to work late.

Lots of overnight stuff backed up, and got the morning packages for my boss in the wrong order, as well as missing printouts. However, I was only trained on the basics, so not my fault. Still felt foolish.

Literally whacked myself in the eye, dead centre, with my mascara wand.

Sitting here wearing lipstick that should be a kind of teracotta red - is currently bright fuschia pink.

I had better post some pics on this blog before I try and do some real harm to myself this weekend, right? *lmao* Wow, I'm really hoping I used up all my bad karma points this morning, I'd like to finish the day on a good note if that's possible.

May you all have a terrific weekend! *big smile, waving frantically*


Karma ain't through with me yet. Just "overwhelmed" my maxipad...and at the front, too. Thank god I had made a purchase and requested a bag so I could carry it in front of me to hide the blood stain on the front of my jeans!! Shit y'all, I'm now tempted to just go home, have a wee drink, pull the covers over my head and tell the world to go fuck itself. What say you? *lmao*