Monday, 30 September 2013

Bad Mugsy! *lol*

I forgot to post that I was going to be on vacation last week, as well as off-line for most of it - hell, when I take time off, I take time off! ;)

Went away for a day to Niagara Falls (and took some pics), did a little around the house, donated more items (and bought a book there, I really need to stop shopping when I drop things off for donation), and general goofing off. I'll update y'all on the gory details later when I get some pics sorted out and such.

TTFN! :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Link to a book review...

Thanks to the lovely and talented Oona Balloona, a review of what looks like a fabulous book (coming out in October, State-side, at least) on draping for sewing. Like I really needed a reason to add more things I want to the ever-growing list! *lol*

As far as books I like regarding sewing:

Collette Sewing Handbook

A great book for beginners or intermediate sewists in my opinion, especially the chapter called "A Thoughtful Plan" - I mean, how many beginners really think out projects to this kind of detail she describes? Certainly not me...

Also, I own a vintage sewing book called "Simplicity Sewing Book"

from 1937. Honestly, I buy far too much from the sellers on Etsy! There's lots of tips, tricks and techniques in many vintage sewing books that are easily put into practice these days. And with my love of vintage fashions...well, that goes without saying.

Have a terrific day, everyone! I'm going to try and post some outfit pics fairly soon - and no, sadly no progress on those two projects I posted earlier. Just far too busy with life lately.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

American Duchess shoe giveaway!!

Ermagerd! American Duchess is hosting a giveaway for their "1930's Claremont Oxfords"! Aren't these shoes just delicious? Fingers crossed for any of you that enter - but I must admit, I'm really hoping I can win these beauties for myself *LOL*

Good luck to everyone! :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sewing projects on the go - aka my first attempt to post pics...

OK, I'm going to try and post a few pics of some projects I have in my mind to complete:

First up, A lovely 1940's dress that was a gift from the lovely and talented Adeline's Attic The poor thing was in rather rough shape in some areas, but I fell in love with the colour and style - and it was great fun wearing it at the Hamilton Plane Museum for the New Year's celebration and dance!

Not the best pic

The poor neckline!

No, I have no idea what happened to that poor looks like something was perhaps violently removed, maybe an attached collar of some sort with more soutach on it? In any case, I'm hoping to use some bias binding or tape to at least cover up all around the nackline (just happened to find the perfect match in colour, turns out the dress is considered "plum" coloured, how lucky was that??), as well as doing some very careful patching in a couple of tinay areas (moth nibbles?). It fits rather well, and the only other thing I may do is neaten up the shoulder pads (or try to duplicate them exactly, they really need refreshing / neatening up)

Another project currently being procrastinated:

An ordinary light purple cardigan (mauve?) purchased during the Tilley Endurables warehouse sale a few years back (told you I was procrastinating *lol*):

Great face for radio

Rather plain-jane, yes? I've already swapped out the buttons for some purple pearly-looking beauties, and I have an embroidery pattern designed that I want to add - just some simple lazy-daisy flowers and a dragonfly somewheres around them. I want to try and "fit" the sweater a little better to me, and was even thinking of cropping it a little (a la 1930's style, but not too high. Have a muffin-top I'd like to keep under cover, thank you very much ;) ) I'm thinking of keeping the embroidery up around the shoulder / bust area to keep the focus up there and not down by the hips - why the heck to almost all sweater designers put all of the fancy-pants designs and such down by the fucking hips?? Or does the Boomer generation (and 70's children like myself) not matter anymore? Frankly I take my purchasing power, such as it is, to where it's appreciated - or at least where I can buy decent and classic items that are designed for someone that actually eats.

Bah! Enough of my bitching! Think I'll grab a martini and contemplate getting off my duff and getting sewing. More projects and dreams (and perhaps ranting) later...